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Drivers Education offered in the State of Mississippi

Mississippi Drivers Education

In order to purchase online driver training that suits your needs it is important to know what you are buying.  Please carefully read the descriptions of each of the online courses that are offered.  Whether you are a first time driver, a mature driver (aged 55+), or an experienced driver, there is a course for you.

The benefits of taking an online course are;

·         No classrooms

·         24 hour, 7 day a week log on/log off capabilities

·         Working and learning at your own pace

·         Completion Certificate mailed to your home address

·         May qualify you for an insurance discount (ask your insurance provider)


Online Drivers Education Course Descriptions;


Mississippi Traffic School: Is also referred as “Defensive Driving” or “Driver Improvement Safety Courses” a course taken usually due to a minor traffic violation.  These courses are court referred traffic ticket courses.  The benefits of taking this course could reduce your insurance premiums*, remove the violation from your record or most importantly, make you a better driver!


Mississippi Teen Drivers: Driver’s education courses are required in most states before a first time driver is allowed to begin training behind the wheel.


Mississippi Mature Drivers: This training is most common for people that want to save on insurance premiums if you are aged 55 or older.  Some insurance providers will offer discounts to anybody who completes this course.*


* Rates and policies will vary depending on your insurance provider.  For more information, speak to your current insurance provider.


Click on one of the images below in order to get state specific course information and pricing.

   Traffic School Teen driver education Mature Driver Education Program

Click on one of the images above in order to obtain details and pricing.


Once you have completed your online driver training, Wannadrive is committed to helping you find a local driving school. 


You could also follow the link below to guide you through the process required to obtain a learners license.


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