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    The Laws of Physics and How They Affect Driving (Posted on March 19 2010)

    This article talks about the physical forces that affect driving. It is not only weather that can have a negative impact on driving performance. Understanding some basic principles of physics can help keep young drivers safe. »
    How to Drive in Poor Conditions (Posted on March 17 2010)

    Driving in poor conditions extends beyond the conditions of the road. Different lighting conditions and more dangerous for drivers than an icy or wet road. »
    How to Buy a Used Car (Posted on March 17 2010)

    In a sagging economic environment, many young drivers cannot afford the luxury of buying a new car. This article examines what issues consumers should consider if they decide to purchase a used car. »
    Long Distance Driving (Posted on March 17 2010)

    Most accidents do not occur in curvy roads. They occur on highways because due to the long distance, drivers tend to lose focus. Strategies on ways to combat fatigue and maintain concentration are discussed. »
    How to Pass a Car on The Highway (Posted on March 15 2010)

    Highway driving can be an intimidating experience for young or new drivers. This article provides relevant, detailed information describing the proper way to overtake another car on the highway. »
    How to Look When Driving (Posted on March 15 2010)

    This article discusses different safety strategies for new drivers. The main talking point is how a driver should be viewing the road and the obstacles that surround it. »
    How to Park a Car (Posted on March 12 2010)

    This article describes in detail three forms of parking for young drivers. Parallel parking, angle parking, and parking on a hill are all examined in this article. »
    How to Teach Your Teen to Drive (Posted on March 10 2010)

    This article examines the responsibilities and privileges that a young person inherits when they learn how to drive an automobile. »
    Getting Ready to Driving an Automobile (Posted on Feb 26 2010)

    This article goes through the safety procedures that a young inexperienced driver must adhere to in order to drive. There are also practical safe driving tips for young drivers. »
    The Economic and Environmental Impact of the Automobile (Posted on Feb 25 2010)

    This article discusses the environmental and economic impact of the automobile on modern day society. The improvements in car safety are also briefly discussed. »

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