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    How to Beat a Speeding Ticket (Posted on Feb 23 2010)

    This article, written by Stewart Rutledge describes the process that you should use it you are confronted with a speeding ticket. All of the information contained in this article is legal. It is simply telling you how to exercise your civil rights. »
    How to Install New Replacement Spark Plugs (Posted on Feb 23 2010)

    This article is a step by step guide on how to change the spark plugs in your car. Be sure to read carefully, for there are important safety tips contained in the tutorial. »
    How to Change Manual and Automatic Transmission Fluid (Posted Feb 23 2010)

    This article is a step by step guide for car owners teaching them how to properly change their transmission fluid. »
    Child Car Safety - Keep Your Child Safe (Posted on the 16th of Feb 2010)

    This article reviews ways in which to keep children safe in various forms of transport. From riding in cars to riding in strollers. »
    How Not To Be An Aggressive Driver (Posted on the 15th of Feb 2010)

    This article discusses the behavioral patterns of aggressive drivers and what other motorists can do to protect themselves and others on the road. »
    How to Share the Road Responsibly (Posted on the 15th of Feb 2010)

    The privilege of driving comes with the responsibility of being capable of sharing the road. This article gives tips to those who drive a car, bicycle, motorcycle, or even a horse. »
    Mandatory Driving School (Posted on the 10th of Feb 2010)

    This article analyzes recent changes to law in Quebec, Canada regarding the licensing process. In this region, it is now mandatory for all new drivers to attend an accredited driving school. »
    Changes in New York Driving Law (Posted on the 10th of Feb 2010)

    Recently the New York Department of Motor Vehicles made amendments to the law regarding new drivers. As of February 22nd, a new driver will have to follow different guidelines in order to obtain a license. »
    Night Driving - How to Drive at Night (Posted on Feb 8 2010)

    Discusses the issues that face drivers when it comes to driving at night. Strategies are also mentioned on how to minimize your risk and drive safely at night. »
    Blind Spot Detection (Posted on Feb 8 2010)

    This article examines how to adjust car mirrors and other driving tips to avoid accidents by missing cars that pass into the blind spot of any vehicle »

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