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General Resources About Driving Education

    Driving Under The Influence (DUI) (Posted on the 26th of Nov 2009)

    Drugs impair our motor coordination skills and judgment ... »
    Impaired driving
    Learning to Drive (Posted on the 26th of Nov 2009)

    When you become seventeen no doubt you have been looking forward to sending off for your provisional driving license so you can learn to drive, and gain freedom... Suite »
    Learning to drive
    10 Driving Distractions and How To Deal With Them (Posted 26th of Nov 2009)

    This article discusses different forms of driving distractions and how responsible drivers should deal with them. »
    Driving Distraction
    Driving Facts About Car Crashes (Posted on the 23rd of Nov 2009)

    This article may disturb some readers. A graphic description about what happens during the collision of an accident. »
    Facts about car crashes
    General Driving Tips you should never forget. (Posted on the 23rd of Nov 2009)

    Everything a good driver must know and check before obtaining a license and driving a motorized vehicle. »
    general driving tips
    Learning to Drive - A guide for Parents (Posted on the 23rd of Nov 2009)

    Essential information in order to teach young people how to drive motor vehicules effectively and safely. »
    learning to drive
    The Defensive Driving Manifest (Posted on the 23rd of Nov 2009)

    This article gives drivers an abundance of information of defensive driving practices. Learning defensive driving skills as a young driver will reduce the chance of accidents amongst these drivers. »
    Defensive Driving
    Benefits of Online Driver's Education (Posted on the 16th of Nov 2009)

    Learn all the benefits of learning online vs Classroom study. This article takes an in depth look at the benefits of online driver's education. »
    Online Drivers Education

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