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DMV - New driver license in Nevada

Application for a driver鈥檚 license in Nevada





Nearly all Nevada beginning drivers under 18 must complete a driver education course. You can enroll at age 15. Exceptions are not made for home-schooled students.


You must complete a course if one is offered within a 30-mile radius of your residential address or if you can complete a course online. The course is not a requirement to obtain an instruction permit. It is a requirement for a driver license.


You have the choice of courses offered through your public school district or those offered by private Nevada professional driving schools. The course consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction. Some private schools also offer a course consisting of 15 hours of classroom instruction and 5 hours of behind-the-wheel training. Schools must be specifically approved for this by the DMV.


See Professional Drive Schools for a list of licensed schools. The Department of Motor Vehicles licenses and monitors professional driving schools but does not regulate schedules or pricing.


Any professional driving school offering courses by television, Internet or other means must be specifically licensed for this by the Nevada DMV for the course to be accepted. Your local school district may or may not offer 'distance learning' courses by television, Internet or other means.


All schools issue a Certificate of Completion which must be presented to the DMV when you apply for your full license.



Your Instruction Permit Forms Help


Young drivers can obtain an instruction (learner's) permit at age 15陆.  You must present Proof of Identity (Name and Date of Birth) and Social Security Number if a number has been issued for you. This is typically a certified, U.S.-issued Birth Certificate and your Social Security Card.


You must pass the vision and written tests and have a parent/guardian sign the financial responsibility section on the application. The licensing fee is $22.


 A $25 testing fee will be charged prior to the written test and covers both the written test and the initial skills test. A $10 retest fee will apply to all retakes. The initial fee will not be charged for your first skills test if your instruction permit was issued prior to July 1, 2009, and is valid at the time of testing.


You will receive an interim paper document that allows you to drive. The actual instruction permit will be mailed within 10 business days. You may drive only with a licensed driver, 21 years or older, with at least one year of driving experience seated next to you at all times.




You may complete these forms in advance, but they must be notarized or signed in person at a DMV office.


Driver License Application (DLD1)

A parent/guardian must sign the Financial Responsibility Statement.


Minor Affidavit and Information Sheet (DLD-38)

This ensures that the beginning driver and the parent/guardian understand certain laws regarding minor drivers.


It is also used to request cancellation of the minor's permit or license.


Documents - Proof of Identity


         Certified U.S. Issued Birth Certificate

         or Certified Abstract (hospital copies are not accepted)

         U.S. Passport (current or expired less than one year)

         U.S. Military Identification or Military Report of Separation

         Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization

         Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood

         Consular Report of Birth Abroad

         Permanent or Temporary Resident Card

         Resident Alien Card or I-551 Receipt

         Valid Foreign Passport stamped 鈥淧rocessed for I-551鈥

         Arrival-Departure Record (I-94) with Visa or Passport

         Permit to Reenter the U.S.

         Refugee Travel Documents

         Documents - Social Security Number


         State License or ID with number listed

         Social Security Card

         U.S. Military Identification

         Original DD-214 Military Separation Form

         Social Security Benefits Documentation


Documents must be valid originals or certified copies that were issued in the United States (except for foreign passports).They do not accept photocopies. Permanent Resident Cards must be updated at age 14.


Maiden Names/Name Changes - You must present documentation of any name change(s) if you will be presenting a proof of identity document that does not contain your current legal name. This may include a Marriage Certificate, divorce decree, adoption records or court order. In a case of multiple name changes, you may be asked for records of each change.


They do not accept other states鈥 licenses, instruction permits or ID cards as proof of identity. Please bring one of the documents listed in addition to your license, permit or ID card. Residents of all U.S. territories and foreign countries must meet the Proof of Identity requirements above and take vision, knowledge and skills tests.


Vision Test


The minimum level of acceptable vision is 20/40 in one eye.  If a driver must wear glasses or contact lenses to meet this standard, Restriction A will be placed on his license or permit. 

 Knowledge (Written) Test


The knowledge test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions based on the Nevada Drivers Handbook. Passing score is 80%.



Expiration, Renewal and Cancellation Forms



Instruction Permits are valid for one year. If your permit has expired, you must apply for renewal in person at a DMV office and a parent/guardian must sign another Financial Responsibility Statement. If the permit is expired more than 30 days, you will have to take the written test again. A testing fee will apply in addition to the renewal fee. If the permit is expired more than one year, you will have to show Proof of Identity.


The parent/guardian who signed the Financial Responsibility Statement when the minor applied for the permit can request its cancellation at any time by completing the Minor Affidavit (DLD-38) form and presenting it in person at a DMV office. Nevada law requires the permit itself to be surrendered to the DMV.


The department can require testing, cancel a permit or deny the renewal if the applicant has been convicted of traffic violations or other offenses listed under License Suspensions and Revocations.



Behind The Wheel Experience



Young drivers are required to complete 50 hours of behind-the-wheel experience. You must have a licensed driver, who is 21 or older and has been licensed for at least one year, seated next to you at all times. 10 hours of the experience must be completed in darkness.


If driver education is not offered within a 30-mile radius of your residential address and you do not have Internet access, you must complete 100 hours of supervised experience, 10 hours of which must be in darkness.


You must keep a written log of the dates and times of this experience on the form provided by DMV. Your parent or guardian must sign this form and submit it when you apply for your full license. Fill in the form after each driving session and have it fully completed before your skills test.


Beginning Driver Experience Log (DLD-130)


You must complete the log on the official DMV form. If your insurance company requires a log, you must keep it separately. Time spent behind-the-wheel with a professional driving instructor counts toward the required hours.


DMV also provides the Beginning Driver Training Guide to help parents and their teens make the most of the behind-the-wheel experience. It contains lists of specific skills and how to practice them plus Nevada traffic laws and more.



Permit Time Limits & Restrictions


You must be 16 years old to apply for a full license. You must also:


         hold a valid instruction permit for at least six months prior to applying

         have no at-fault accidents in the six months prior to applying

         have no moving violation convictions in the six months prior to applying

         have no alcohol or drug convictions of any kind in the six months prior to applying



 Driving Skills Test


Use our online scheduling or call the DMV to schedule a driving skills test when you have met the requirements for Driver Education, Behind The Wheel Experience and Time Limits and Restrictions. If someone else schedules the test for you, they must have your instruction permit number or Social security number.


Source: DMV





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