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DMV - New driver license in Utah

Application for a driver鈥檚 license in Utah



Completion of Driver Education

Before being licensed in the State of Utah ALL individuals who have never been licensed to drive a motor vehicle (anywhere) must complete an approved driver education course.  A certificate of completion must be furnished to the examiner at the time application is made for a license.

If you are coming from another US State with a driver education completion certificate that completion certificate may be accepted if the course hours are at least 18 hours classroom, 6 hours driving, and 6 hours observation.

Remember that this certificate of completion is not a license to drive.


Driver education in Utah may be completed at your local high school, through a Commerial Driving School, or from an Online Driver Education course.  There are two schools in Utah that have been approved for Online/Home Study driver education. Those two schools are;

A-1 Driving School
Utah Electronic High School

If you complete an online driver education course you will also be required to have 6 hours driving and 6 hours of observation, which can be completed at any approved commercial driving school or high school.

Please be aware that there are many online driver education courses offered on the internet. These courses may offer driver education or practice testing, but they have not been approved by the Driver License Division and cannot be accepted as proof of driver education completion.

The Driver License Division under the authority of U.C.A. 53-3-501 and Utah Administrative Rule R708-2 regulates commercial driver training schools.

Road Testing

The State of Utah offers two options for applicants who must complete a Driving Test in order to obtain a Utah Driver License.

1.     An applicant may choose to take a road test with the Driver License Division by completing the application process set forth by the division, which may include but not limited to:


         Providing proof of identification, and;

         Passing the knowledge written test

After these requirements have been met, a road test may be scheduled by appointment. The applicant must supply the vehicle for the road test.


2.     An applicant may take a road test with a Certified Commercial School Third-Party Tester. To test with a third-party tester you must have the following:


         A license from another country, or a learners permit issued by the Driver License Division

         Provide the tester with proof of identification

         **Please note there may be an additional fee charged for testing with a third-party tester

An applicant may not use the services of a third-party tester when:

1.     An applicant has a Utah license and has been requested to take a road test by a physician, other medical professional or by a law enforcement officer

2.     An applicant has been requested by the Driver License Division to complete additional hours of driver training


Learners Permit

An applicant who has never been licensed (anywhere), regardless of their age, must obtain a Utah learner permit in order to complete a driver education course.

If an applicant is 17 years of age or younger when they apply for their learner permit, they must hold the learner permit for six months before applying for an original Class D license.

However, if the applicant turns 18 during the holding period, they may apply for their regular Class D license upon turning 18.

The six-month learner permit holding requirement does not apply to an applicant who is age 18 or older at the time of application for the learner permit.

You may renew a learner permit by applying at a licensing office and pay a $15.00 renewal fee.

Documents needed to obtain a learner permit - click here


Beginning on August 1, 2006, the division, upon receiving an application for a learner permit, may issue a learner permit effective for one year to an applicant who is at least 15 years of age.

The division shall issue a learner permit to an applicant who:

         is at least 15 years of age;

         has passed the knowledge test (written) required by the division;

         has passed the medical and eye exam;

         parent/legal guardian has signed for financial responsibility; and

         has submitted a nonrefundable fee of $15.00 for a learner permit

The learner permit entitles an applicant that is younger than 18 years of age to operate a regular Class D motor vehicle only if:

         an approved driving instructor is occuping the seat beside the applicant;

         the applicant's parent or legal guardian, who must be a licensed driver, is occupying a seat beside the applicant; or

         the responsible adult who has signed for financial responsibility, who must be a licensed driver; is occupying a seat beside the applicant;

         allows for other passengers in the vehicle; and

         the learner permit must be in the applican'ts immediate possession

The learner permit entitles an applicant that is 18 years of age or older to operate a regular Class D motor vehicle only if:

         a person 21 years of age or older, who must be a licensed driver, is occupying the seat beside the applicant; and

         the learner permit must be in the applicant's immediate possession

An application and fee for a learner permit entitles the applicant to not more than three attempts to pass the knowledge test (written) for a regular Class D license within one year. After 3 failures, you will be required to pay an additional fee.

An applicant is eligible to obtain an original Class D license from the division upon:

1.     reaching the age of 16 years;

2.     has carried a learner permit for 6 months;

3.     has completed an approved driver education course or have proof of license from another state or country;

4.     passing the skills test (driving) approved by the division;

5.     completing the 40 hour driving (10 hours at night) parent or legal guardian must sign; and

6.     pay the nonrefundable fee for an original or provisional Class D license application

If the person signing for minor is not the natural parent they must show legal court documents. 

Example: a mother can sign for financial responsbility for son or daughter's license, but a step-father cannot come in and sign for financial responsibility or sign off on the 40 hours of driving without legal court documents.


Source: DMV




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