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DMV - New driver license in Rhode Island

Application for a driver鈥檚 license in Rhode Island




Limited Instruction Permit


If you are between the ages of 16 - 18, you need to have completed a 33 -hour driver education course certified by the Community College of Rhode Island.


The Rhode Island Driver Education Program is administered by CCRI.


If you have completed an out-of-state driver education course it must be approved by the Community College of Rhode Island (www.ccri.edu).


Once you have completed the course and passed the written exam you will be given a certificate. You need to submit that certificate along with a completed permit application to the DMV.

Applicants for permits must show:

         A certified birth certificate (not a copy)

         Driver Education certificate

         A Social Security card


Your parent, legal guardian, licensed foster parent or adult spouse must sign the permit application and have their signature notarized. If your parent, guardian or foster parent accompanies you to the DMV, they must show ID in order to have their signature notarized on the permit application. If you have a legal guardian or licensed foster parent, they must have documentation to verify this.

         This permit is valid for one year.

         The fee for an instruction permit is $11.50


Instruction Permit


If you are 18 or older, and have never held a driver's license in Rhode Island, or if your license has expired over three (3) years, you must apply for an Instruction Permit.

         You are not required to take any driver education course.

         You ARE required to take and pass the written exam given by the DMV.

         You ARE required to show a Social Security card.

         List of Acceptable Documents for Licenses and ID's

The fee for an instruction permit is $6.50

Click here to view a copy of the RI Driving Manual



Locations/Hours of Testing

Pawtucket: Monday-Friday 8:30-2:30

Middletown: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1:00-3:00



If you are temporarily out of state at the time your license is due to expire for a valid reason such as work or school, or if you are seasonally in another state, the DMV can renew your license through the mail if you meet a few simple requirements.



Please note that at this time, we cannot renew or duplicate a CDL (Commercial Driver License). Current Federal regulations require that a photo appear on the face of the license.



Licenses expired for a period of three (3) years or more cannot be renewed. A written exam and road test is required to obtain a new license.

A licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist must complete an eye examination card provided by the DMV. Many doctors also keep a supply of these forms in their offices. Check with your own doctor to see if he or she has these forms. If you've had an eye exam in the past 6 months, many times the doctor can just fill out and sign the eye exam card and mail it either to you or directly to the DMV.


A photo waiver affidavit must be completed, signed by you and notarized by a notary public. A reason why you cannot appear in person for your license renewal must be filled in on this affidavit. If no reason is given, the application will be rejected and mailed back to you.


A check or money order made payable to the Division of Motor Vehicles or DMV must be included. Fees are $13.50 for all renewals, except for those applicants who are 75 years old or older - that fee is $9.50.


Your license will only be renewed for a period of two years. When you return to Rhode Island, you may appear at any DMV branch office and obtain a new license with your picture.


Rhode Island recently began issuing a new, digitized license. If you currently have one of the new licenses, there will be a picture on your waiver renewal. It will be the picture we have on file for you. If you still have one of the older licenses, the license will have the words 'Valid Without Photo' in the space for the picture.


Source: DMV 



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