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How Not To Be An Aggressive Driver (Posted on the 15th of Feb 2010)

A serious problem on our roads today is aggressive driving.  Drivers who get behind the wheel and are either in a rush, irritable, or impatient are more likely to be a menace on the road.  Drivers in this mindset will follow too closely, will change lanes without notice and drive beyond the speed limit.  For aggressive drivers, the car horn is not used as a means to communicate, but rather as a weapon.

The number of drivers on the road is always increasing.  The fact that new roadways are being built at a rate slower than the increase in new drivers, it can be concluded that the number of aggressive drivers on the road is also increasing.  It is hard to gauge the number of fatal accidents cause by these reckless drivers.  It is certain though, that defensive drivers cause far fewer accidents than careless drivers.

Aggressive Drivers – A Profile

This type of driver can easily be recognized as someone who expresses frustration where there is probably no need to be frustrated.  The most common example is a driver who will follow too closely even though you may be following the speed limit.  Their concern for your welfare is limited.

Speeding seems to be a hobby for this type of driver.  They will often ignore poor road conditions and traffic signs in general.  It would be considered a thrill to disobey traffic laws.

Driving is something that requires attention; it takes more brain power than walking and chewing gum at the same time.  This is another characteristic of an aggressive driver, their lack of focus on the task at hand.  They are capable of performing other tasks while driving, such as texting from a cell phone, fiddling with their ipod or putting on makeup!

As hard as it is for these drivers to focus on driving, it is just as easy for them to become distracted.  If there is an accident a reckless driver will likely stop in the middle of a high traffic area, in order to get a closer look.  If you see nothing wrong with this type of behavior, visit a driving school near you so they can help you correct your behavior.

And finally, the most difficult facet of road safety for an aggressive driver to understand are basic traffic lights. 
For a normal driver, traffic lights register in the brain as follows;

  • Red means ‘stop’.
  • Green means ‘go’.
  • Yellow means ‘proceed with caution’.

And for the abnormal driver;

  • Red means ‘I am going to be late!!!’
  • Green means ‘Put the pedal to the floor!’
  • Yellow means ‘Put the pedal to the floor!’

In all seriousness, driving is a privilege that responsible drivers want to protect.  Do your part and be an ambassador for road safety.

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