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Tire Safety (Posted on the 7th of January 2010)

The check on tire pressure must be performed in cold. It is vital that you respect the pressure suggested by the tire manufacturer.  By having proper tire pressure, you will enjoy a much more comfortable ride.  It will also be safer and more fuel efficient.


The tire treads must wear out with regular use.  If you do not drive regularly, consult your garage owner. Tires include indicators of wear (often marked TWI on their sides, near the tread). These indicators are constituted of bumps within the tread. Once they wear down more than 1.6mm, it will be possible to feel the bump. At this point, change your tires.

 tire safety

A tire that is not changed and is allowed to wear down can cause your car to veer to one side, slide on wet or icy roads and also makes you more susceptible to hydroplaning.


Make sure to consult your mechanic about rotating your tires every time that you go for a tune up.  This will cause your tires to wear evenly, improving safety.  If your vehicle still isn’t running smoothly, it could be a problem with the tire’s inner tubing or the wheel itself could be damaged.

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